We are planning to re-open on Friday May 21st at 4pm to 11pm - This will be subject to government guidelines

We will continue to do our best to make sure the Club is still a safe place for you to enjoy a drink and meet friends and family.

NB - MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS - This will take place at the earliest opportunity when we are open.  

There is no doubt that the COVID safety rules will still apply when we do re-open so, in case you need a reminder, see below!​ 

  • You have to wear a MASK at all times unless seated so please remember to BRING ONE with you.

  • There can only be up to 6 people per table.

  • Please be aware you must stay where you are seated (no changing tables)


Don't forget the following remains in place too:  

  1. ENTER the Club through the Smoking Area

  2. QUEUE to come into the Club as you will have to:

    1. Have your TEMPERATURE checked​

    2. GIVE your DETAILS for TRACK & TRACE PURPOSES - we have a new app that makes it quicker and easier!

  3. Please follow the ONE WAY system in the Club​

  4. Please SANITISE your hands when entering the Club and during your stay with us

  5. You will be SHOWN to your DESIGNATED SEATING AREA

  6. NO tables and chairs to be moved AT ALL

  7. Table Service ONLY

  8. Please give your order and pay at the same time (card preferred)

  9. Children to remain seated AT ALL TIMES

  10. Leave the Club through the FRONT DOOR ONLY

  11. if you wish to sit outside then please tell us when entering the Club (later admission to the Club may be restricted.